Bouquet Styles
Choose Your Style
We do not make bouquets for 'stock'.  All our bouquets are made to client order.  That way, you get what you want, not what someone else thinks you may want.
These are just some of the style options available to you.  You will be amazed at the range of different bouquet styles that we are able to create using Swarovski┬« crystals, silk flowers, ribbons, tulle and even leather.   All can be modified to suit your theme. Complement your bouquet with a wide choice of luxurious elements such as feathers, leather, pearls or fabrics.  Most are also available in complementary versions for your bridesmaids.  Whether it be crystal colour, trim options or actual style, it is all about you and your choice.

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Whispy - Crystals and Feathers
A mix of clear and coloured Swarovski© crystals, accented and trimmed with feathers.  Loops of crystals threaded onto silver wire enhance the effect of the crystal stems. Crystal and trim colours are your choice, and can generally be matched to your fabric/theme.
Swarovski Crystals
Crystal Posy
The ultimate Crystal Bouquet!
A magnificent burst of Swarovski© crystals, trimmed with tulle.  This example uses clear crystals mounted on stems of silver wire. The integral handle is smooth, comfortable and non-snagging. 
Bridal silk flower posy with complementary Bridesmaid posies
Silk Flower Posies
Silk flowers are set off with long drops and loops of Swarovski© crystals or pearls for the bridal bouquet.  Also shown here are complementary bridesmaid bouquets in a single colour.
Silk flowers with crystal brooches
A posy-style 'heritage' bouquet, using silk flowers and clusters of sparkling brooches.  The silk flowers are available in many colours and flower types, usually set off with clear/silver brooches.  Also available as Half Vintage, using fewer brooch embellishments.
Swarovski Crystals with longer crystal stems
Clear Swarovski© crystals, matched with longer crystal stems on silver wire, accented and trimmed with tulle.  Loops of silver wire enhance the crystal stems. The longer stems provide movement and drama to this style.
Swarovski Crystals and Pearls with feathers
A mix of Swarovski© crystals and pearls with genuine ostrich feathers form a graceful crescent arch over the hands.  The pearls and crystals add sparkle and lustre to the feathers.
Silk flowers, crystal loops and a long crystal drop on wire
A stunning mix of silk flowers, clear and coloured Swarovski© crystals and spiraling silver wire.  Long loops of crystals and drops of crystals gives this style movement and light. 
Silk flowers and Crystal teardrop
Classic Teardrop
An ageless style, reworked with silk flowers and loops of Swarovski© crystals. 
Silk flowers, leather leaves and crystal drop
Small Posy
A fresh take on a silk flower posy, enhanced with leather 'leaves' colour-matched to the flowers.  Embellished with a long drop of Swarovksi© crystals or pearls.
Your Style
You are able to mix-and-match any of these styles, to suit yourself. We can, wherever possible, replicate something you have seen or imagined.  We are always happy to help.
Crystals make the light dance,
Light makes the crystals sing
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